quinta-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2012

Cascais 10 - Agronomia 26

Aqui fica o resumo feito pelo Manel Murteira, número 13 da Agronomia, e de um anónimo que prefere ficar no anonimato. Obrigado aos dois.

Manel Murteira:

"Na 1º parte foi um jogo muito bem disputado com o cascais motivado mas a fazer alguns erros e agronomia que não queria nem conseguia jogar, mas sempre que aumentava o ritmo de jogo o cascais não tinha a mínima hipótese de jogar e foi o que aconteceu nos 2 ensaios dos agrónomos.

Na 2º Parte Cascais entrou mais forte e com vontade de marcar pontos, deixou de arriscar bolas para a touche e concretizou 3 pontos numa dessas penalidades aos postes. Agronomia reagiu e conseguiu marcar um ensaio deixando o Cascais fora da vitoria, mas reagiram muito bem chegando a um óptimo ensaio e voltou a ter esperanças.
Com o cascais a dominar o jogo e agronomia a defender bem foi já no fim que agronomia aproveitou um erro do cascais e conseguiu marcar o seu 4 ensaio (ponto de bónus) numa jogada começada nos 22m de agronomia, com vários movimentos muito bons acaba com um ensaio merecido do seu médio de abertura e capitão Duarte Cardoso Pinto

Parabéns ao Cascais que fez um espectacular jogo causando muita dificuldade ao 1º classificado da 1º divisão. Boa sorte no vosso campeonato!

abraços Manel Murteira"


"Cascais hosted a cup game against Agronomia, and what a game it was!! The stands were full, everyone was exited to watch the game, and it seemed that everyone was actually respectful towards the opponent team and the ref (with some usual exceptions).

At the early stages of the game it was quite clear that Agronomia was going to need to fight to get the W, and that the game not going to bea walk in the park! Cascais approached the game with high determination and fighting for a historical result. They started with some good moves involving the backs and forwards, and spent some time within the 22m line of Agronomia, however, Cascais was not mature enough to materialize that initial superiority and they actually suffered a try.
Cascais never backed down, and they went back after those points, and again they settled the game at the opposite half of the pitch through some nice back moves, an efficient kicking game by their number 10, with some good rucking phases and also with a great attitude when defending. However, Agronomia with their experienced players was able to always cause troubles to the home defensive line, and they reached the second try during the first half going to the break wining 12-0.

During the second half the game was the same, the crazy pace of the game was still on… the stands were on fire singing songs about their love towards the home team, the battle was on! It was great to watch such an atmosphere!
Cascais was still in the game, and actually scored a try, the game was on – 12-7 – a great play by Cascais through some powerful phases through their tireless forwards, finished by the backs between the sticks!
However, Agronomia reorganized the troops and easily scored a try by an individually incredibly fast move! That player was causing enormous troubles and it was actually the one that outplayed Cascais during the first half!
Cascais attitude was definitely a great one, and they went back to pressure Agronomia, which cause them to make some mistakes, Cascais took them, and converted into 3 points – Game on, 10-19!! They were believing that they could achieve greatness that day, they chasing another try….but Agronomia with their pace, experience and quality, reached the 4th try of the game fixing the final result 26-10.

I would like to highlight Cascais game, the commitment of each one of the players that played Tuesday night, without ever fearing Agronomia. Those Cascais forwards were true worriers putting their bodies on the line in every tackle, every ruck! Cascais number 9 was also a great asset, his creativity, his vision, what a great game! Cascais fly half was also a key player with his kicking game and aggressive tackling with the help of a duo of impenetrable centers, both strong fighters and good footballers around the park. Finally, the back three were very secure, they played smart with outstanding positioning, never giving a chance to the opposition to explore their weaknesses and also their secure defense.
Also a word regarding Agronomia’s game. Maybe had a bad day, but with a few key players that clearly are used to feel pressure they outplayed Cascais! Number 10, definitely a leader, he clearly represents Agronomia, and probably they can thank him for the W. Also, number 13, I was very impressed by his pace and his running lines. Players like these two can definitely solve games were the pressure is on!
However, my final word goes to Cascais number 8…for me the best player of the bunch! Congrats for your worrier spirit, I saw you running with the ball all the time, breaking Agronomia’s defensive line, passing, lifting, jumping, tackling, rucking! You are a fantastic player, and perhaps if you want, you can achieve greatness!

Sorry for my long words, but I was and I am very excited to follow Cascais during the coming years!"

Muito obrigado a todos os que se deslocaram Terça à Guia, foram sem dúvida o 16 jogador!

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Anónimo disse...

Congrats on your strong performance against Agronomia!
Best wishes,
Philip Kellerman

Anónimo disse...

Bom jogo malta. Parabens!
Fica o amargo de boca por uma victoria que não se conseguiu e que esteve perto de aconteçer. Pelo menos quem estava de fora a vêr ficou essa sensação.
Jorge Fonseca

Anónimo disse...

fotografias do jogo?

Anónimo disse...

Fotos nocturnas ? Hummm ???

Anónimo disse...

Dias 10 e 11 de Março


Anónimo disse...

esse link nao e do cascais vs agronomia. alguem sabe qual e o certo?

Anónimo disse...

Estranho que adeptos do Cascais consigam fazer cair num elogio a nódoa de apontar o dedo a jogadores com a camisola verde. O JBA está no 1ºano de sub-21, mas não deve faltar clube em Lisboa que gostasse de contar com ele. Há umas décadas que o Cascais não produzia jogadores com tanta qualidade: uma sorte para o futuro do clube!

Anónimo disse...

Muito bom este último post...resta saber se será mesmo do Cascais!!

Anónimo disse...

não escrevam posts em meu nome sff

abraços perico(verdadeiro)

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